Mata Serrano

Sailboat 3


The Sailboat series comes from photos I shot over the last 7 years in Los Angeles. I find sailboats oddly poetic as they glide through time using the elements of water and air. I use the term oddly because I am a bit phobic of water and suffer from motion sickness.  

I worked with these images to create a painterly quality. I am a painter as well, but currently my expression comes through digital art.

My intention is to offer these images as small colorful nuggets for your wall, but I am also offering other sizes to enhance larger spaces. 

4 x 6     $ 55
8 x12    $125
12x18   $150
16x24   $175 

Prints are on acid free paper using archival ink. The paper has a slight texture giving a painterly effect. Each print comes with a 1" to 2" border, depending on print size.

For questions please email us at

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