Suzie Scarpaci

Be Peaceful

Aquamarine (108 - 8 mm beads), ethically-sourced. Attributes: calming; quiets the mind; counteracts dark forces; promotes increased intuition. [J. Hall, pp. 67, The Crystal Bible]

Length is approximate as each piece is hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind. (Hangs approx. 25.5”/64.5 cm - may be doubled). A prayer/mantra was recited during the making of this mala to bring blessings.

Note:  As each piece is unique and hand-crafted, no two are identical.  Please allow for slight variations based on the availability of materials. Because lighting varies from monitor to monitor, there may be slight differences in color tone from the picture to the actual item. 

CLICK HERE for PDF on the "Care & Use of Malas".

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