Through the Lens with Ellen Giamportone

I’m primarily an art photographer, trained in Painting & Design at Carnegie Mellon University. I soon traded in my painting brushes for a camera…and never looked back!

The visual image is my real passion and I’ve been shooting documentary, editorial, events, portraiture, and always my personal/art photography for over 50 years.

Portrait of a Potato Farmer, 1977

When being present in my daily life I can look around, absorbing the simplicity of the light, shadows, seeing how they play on surfaces and between objects.  I can perceive the energetic interactions as they play between people, and the qualities of energy in physical spaces.

Time Doesn't Matter


The immediacy of a camera (or iPhone) is the perfect tool for capturing fleeting moments as they ebb, flow and often…vanish. Those are magical times.   

More and more I’m noticing the way moments and experiences seem to have a lovely connectedness or flow to them.  This seems to be the outcome of watching life more as an ever mysterious, wondrous dance.
Flame of Devotion
Flame of Devotion