Mata Serrano Teaches About Sacred Fire Ceremonies & Sai Shakti Healings

Sai Shakti Healing is the name Sri Kaleshwar, a miracle Saint of south India, gave to a group of healing techniques and spiritual practices. These techniques were translated from a few powerful palm leaf manuscripts which contain ancient knowledge for healing the soul.

Soul healers transmit pure energy to the Sat-Chakras (soul chakras). This process, called Shaktipat, revitalizes the soul’s ability to heal itself. It releases the soul’s hidden spark enabling the person to create healthy, happy relationships and success in their endeavors.

Healing sessions are generally done in person, but we can also do at a distance. 

Distance Healing - This session will be done via phone or Zoom. Our process begins with a consultation, then depending on your situation, the session will immediately follow. Or, we may schedule a time offline, so you can go into a quiet place of resting / meditation and the healer will send the energy directly to your soul.

The sacredness of fire is universal to all spiritual traditions. Sacred fire ceremonies are one of the most powerful spiritual practices you can do. A fire ceremony fills your soul with the highest divine energy, clearing stress and negativity, and making room for positive energy to flow.

Our ceremonies are rooted in the ancient Vedic technologies of India. We begin with opening prayers and ignite the fire with applause. During the ceremony we chant Vedic and Telegu mantras, keeping our eyes on the fire and sending healing energy to ourselves and to people we know. This process can go for 1- 1.5 hours. Once we finish our chant, we collect the offerings in a bowl and give it to the fire, again with applause. At this point, we circle the fire 3x to seal the energy, then enjoy a little snack and light socialization.

Distance fire ceremonies are conducted the same, but you will sit in a quiet space while the ceremony is in process. Depending on the circumstance, you can view the fire via live streaming.



Mata Karen Serrano has studied Sai Shakti energy techniques with Sri Kaleshwar since 2003. Her life is dedicated to sharing this ancient knowledge and healing channels with students through teaching and energy transmission.

  • She received her Master Healers training at Sri Kaleshwar’s Ashram from 2009 - 2012.
  • She received her title as Doctor of Oriental Medicine in 2003 from IICM, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Her life’s work has led her to this point of serving humanity in whatever form presents itself.

Mata is based in Los Angeles, California