Lindsey Marie Teaches How to Access Intuition, Divine Beings, Self Love and the Realms of Creation and Spirit!

an ability to understand or know something
immediately based on your feelings rather than facts.
When one opens up their authentic intuition they have the power to create their experience, connect with divine beings and access spirit realms. Self love, trust, choice and openness are keys to unlocking these psychic powers. 
From this place you can also access the quantum field of creation. This is the space where manifestations are born. Everything, including many "facts of life" are really only perspectives and interpretations. From this view one regains choice in every area of their life and no longer falls victim to circumstances. Instead you become a powerful creator who chooses your experience and operates from a place of inquiry and faith, even when unwanted experiences arise. As a living demonstration of alignment and love, you become an attractive leader of light and wellness in your community.
Radiant Spirit Journeys: In this guided meditative experience you will receive intuitive guidance on your path, while awakening your psychic gifts, accessing spirit realms and divine beings, and overflowing with love and inspiration from the inside out. From this space you will have the opportunity to create tangible results in your life with ease and grace while experiencing constant contact with source consciousness, love, and your own conception of the divine.
These sessions will be done via phone or zoom. In the first 15-30 minutes of the session, we will discuss what you are looking to create or release. Some examples are 
  -Creating Ease (letting go of anxiety) 
  - Accessing one's own intuitive gifts
  -Calling in and experiencing divine beings
  -Creating and committing to a daily spiritual practice,     
  -Cultivating a feeling of safety or self love  (letting go of fear/pain)
  -Visualizing and creating a desired shift in spirituality, relationships, career, health, etc, 
  -Accessing your own Akashic records for intuitive guidance
Lindsey Marie will ask you questions to clarify what you want, understand your perspective, and open you up to possibilities.
Then she will channel a divine experience for you in the form of a creative visualization and feelingzation whereby you will actively participate in co-creating your journey with spirit.
During the last 10 minutes we will reflect on what you experienced and discuss how you can carry this forward into your daily life.
LINDSEY MARIE BARBER is an Intuitive Spiritual Advisor, Transformational Meditation teacher, and Muse and Mindset Coach. 
In 2016, she was initiated by her Guru Yogiraj Satgurunath Siddhanath into an ancient Himalayan Practice, Kriya Yoga. This practice is a process of spinal breathing with visualization, movement and mantra that is designed to burn away all karma, so that one may be fully self-realized and god-realized in this lifetime.
She has studied Past life regression with Brian Weiss and other practitioners and channeled a pathway for guiding others to access their own Akashic records in 2017.
Since 2015, she has been leading people through healing visualizations and movement meditations.
As a graduate of Elevate Leadership Community's Mastermind program, she is currently coaching within the organization as well as privately.  
Lindsey Marie studied Leadership, Change and Human Development at Antioch University Los Angeles and received her BA in Journalism and Philosophy from San Francisco State University in 2010.
Her favorite hobbies are dancing and exploring the outdoors. She believes that our divine purpose is to be joyful, connected and loving and she is deeply committed to holding that space for everyone who crosses her path.
Lindsey Marie is based in Los Angeles, California.