Suzie Scarpaci Shares Her Journey

After a life-long search for meaning, I finally found a spiritual practice that works for me; and I hope the result resonates with you.

There are many ways to take a journey toward oneness with the creator, however you define that creation. I have spent years in various practices that have helped me grow and prepare for where I am today. While studying the teachings of ancient palm leaf books from India, I find myself inspired by and aligned with the approach of Sri Kaleshwar.


A result of that study includes daily mantra meditation that makes use of a mala. My love for this process inspired me to begin making malas for others, beginning with friends and family.

This work and my life-long love of collecting crystals also inspired the use of crystals rather than the traditionally-used seeds, such as lotus or rudraksha. I have chosen to incorporate both crystals and seeds (whenever possible, as it is rare to find authentic seeds) into my malas because like my varied and nontraditional path to oneness, my malas represent an interesting journey as well.  

My friends, family and I have made good use of these malas in meditations, daily activities or life's adventures. Please look through the site to find a mala that resonates with you or contact us if you have a custom request. 

May you find fulfillment and oneness on your journey.  

CLICK HERE for PDF on the "Care & Use of Malas".